5 tips for better sounding podcasts

The #1 reason why someone will stop listening to your podcast is sound quality. Terrible sounding podcasts are everywhere but we put together 5 ways you can make sure your podcast sounds awesome. You don't want low quality audio representing your five star content!

1.  Stay in the green. If you are recording audio you want to make sure your voice is not overloading the microphone. On most audio recorders there is a gain meter that lights up when you speak. Typically the bottom is green, middle is yellow, and the top is red. Red means you are in the danger zone and the audio "clips". This means once the audio clips it becomes distorted and there is nothing audio processing can do to repair it. Tip: Stay in the green or the yellow!

2. Room Sound. Most podcasters do not have a special studio for podcasting so we record our shows at home.  Your show can sound differently based on what kind of room you record in. Avoid rooms with hard wood floors and high ceilings. The ideal room is small, carpeted, and has pictures hanging on the wall. The carpet will absorb room sound and not let it contaminate your vocal track. Don't let your show sound like it is recorded in a cave!

3. Earbuds. Wearing earbuds or headphones during your podcast or interview will completely reduce the risk of feedback if you are using online calling platforms like Skype. It is best if your guest also wears earbuds. This will eliminate the chance of voice feedback or echoing on your show.

4. Microphone Selection. If you are using a microphone you have two options : Condenser or Dynamic. I highly recommend using a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are less sensitive and will only record what is close to it: your voice. Condenser microphones are extremely sensitive and will likely pick up far away sounds like police sirens, dogs barking, and landscapers outside. Try this mic for $59

5. Post Production. Post production processing can by far be one of the most important aspects of a great sounding show. Having broadcast ready audio is truly important to grow your tribe. You'll want to make sure the track is level and you don't have your guests voice way louder than yours or hissing in the background. At podcastbuddies we use industry standard software and plug ins to make your show sound pro! Let's work together!