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You Record The shoW, we do the rest!

Spend time growing your business instead of editing audio


Don't let podcasting steal TIME and MONEY from your business!

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, author, or running an online business, launching a podcast is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience. Podcasts get you directly in the ear of potential clients, allowing them to get to know you not only as a person but also as a brand. The best part is that podcasts are on demand allowing your listeners to choose to consume them whenever they want, many times when they are doing other activities like driving, working out at the gym, or on their morning commute. "Anything that aligns you with your audience’s time is an imperatively big advantage for you." - Gary Vaynerchuk

And let’s face it, YOUR TIME is also valuable. As an entrepreneur, coach, or author your TIME is worth hundreds of dollars an hour. You’ve built your business with automated click funnels, email responders, and virtual assistants to make better use of your time. Allowing you to sell, close deals, to do the #1 thing on your list that is going to take your business to the next level.

The average podcast takes 4+ hours to record, edit, create notes, and schedule. You can save 80% of that TIME to spend running and growing your business by using our service. 


Save Time: The average episode takes 3-5 hours to edit. Spend that time selling or growing your business.

Sound Quality: Sound like a pro! The #1 reason why listeners unsubscribe is poor audio quality. Don't let you content be ruined by bad audio.

You aren't technical:Dealing with audio files, tagging, uploading, and feed management is not for everyone. Let us do the dirty work. 


How It Works


1. Record your show + upload

Record your show and upload the file to a private dropbox folder.

It's really that simple.

We do the rest.

2. We process the audio

We use pro audio software to make sure your show sounds professional, smooth, and consistent.  If you have guests we level both voices to make sure that one isn't louder than the other! 

Your intro and outro audio, and any advertising audio are added. 

3. We write show notes

We listen and create hyperlink rich show notes for each episode. You'll get a Word doc file back with each episode.

iTunes is a huge search engine so tagging your show notes is incredibly important!

4. We upload your show

We provide a ready-to-publish MP3 file and show notes document to our private dropbox folder. 

This allows you to focus on growing your business while continuing to put out killer content! 


Examples: AUDIO and SHOW NOTES

UD Art.jpg

Our SHow Notes Format:

On this encore episode, Karen and Kathleen hang out with Kellie Malone of Kellie Lynn Media, a digital creative advisor social media management, and content development strategist who helps entrepreneurs manage their digital footprint. 

Kellie shares her best tips and tricks for using Insta-stories, strategies for using the built in tools and filters, using Hashtags in Insta-stories, and other very valuable tips! 

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Lessons learned in this episode:

  • How many stories to post each week 

  • How to use boomerangs and other built in filters 

  • Using Highlights to save important stories to your profile 

  • How polls can help you see what your clients want to learn 

  • How to use the LIVE feature 

  • Hashtag secret strategies                            


Top Tips to Grow Your Instagram 

Links to resources:  

Kellie Lynn Media 

Karen’s Instagram  

Kathleen’s Instagram  


For more information, visit Kathleen's WebsiteKaren's Website, and The Wellness Business Podcast on Facebook.  


Hello, My name is Travis Brown and I am the founder and audio editor at Podcast BuddY.

When it comes to PODCASTS, I can help.

So let's start here: I'm here because I....

  • Want to launch or have already launched a podcast
  • Don't know anything about recording/editing audio
  • Feel overwhelmed by the "back end process" of podcasting
  • Want to spend more time on your business and growing sales 
  • Wish you could just record the show and have someone take care of the rest

I have great news for you. There is no wrong answer. If any or all of the above apply your'e in the right place. 

I'm Travis Brown, Founder and Audio Editor at Podcast Buddy and it's my goal to help you kick ass at podcasting without having to do any of the dirty work. I've created a service that allows you to do the fun part of podcast (recording) and leave the back end process (mixing, mastering, show notes, and uploading) to me!

Using Podcast Buddy for your show can save you time and allow you to focus on the important takes that will convert to sales and allow your business to grow, 

Read what my clients love about this service

I am a professional audio engineer. I've recorded and produced music for the last 20 years. My music has been featured on several TV shows like Smallville, Laguna Beach, The Mountain, The Hills, and many more. I also have credits on Films such as Reservation Road and Fred 2 The Movie. 

So while I am a big fan of recording, editing, writing show notes, uploading, and scheduling your own show, Podcast buddy is all about YOU!


What our clients have to say

"PodcastBuddy (Travis) makes my life super easy. They make my show sound great and have excellent tech support! My custom intro makes my show sound exactly how I want it to."

-Tom Reber


"Ha! I love this :)

I didn't really appreciate how much doing all this myself was stressing me out before you started sending over ready-to-publish episodes! Travis, you guys are awesome - I'm going to go spend time growing my business, you guys keep doing what you're doing because it's great."

-Phil Beene

President of Nudge Coach

"We couldn’t have launched our podcast without you! You’ve made launching this podcast so much easier for us, and we are so grateful. We appreciate not just your incredible editing skills, but also your guidance and expertise along the way that made launching a breeze.” 

-Kathleen LeGrys

Co-host of The Wellness Business Podcast


"We hit #62 in iTunes! Podcast Buddy's launch plan was the catalyst that got us all the way to #62 on iTunes our very first week

We cannot reccomend their service and expertise enough!” 

-Liner Notes Podcast


Podcast Buddy has been a fantastic partner for our launch and weekly content. Travis is great at providing advice on how to maximize our results and save ourselves time. He is super quick to respond to questions and stays in close communication with my team to ensure everything is completed on schedule. He has made this process super smooth and manageable, I would definitely recommend Podcast Buddy.

- Lori Kennedy


"Travis is my go to guy for anything technical. He makes my job easier and less stressful. He is such a valuable part of my team!"

-Christine Kathryn



"Travis is an awesome editor and has great overall knowledge of the podcasting industry.  He is timely, consistent and reliable. You never have  to question if something is being done if Travis is on it.  I highly recommend him for podcast editing and anything else he may offer!

-Laura Reale, mypondtent.com

"Travis sat me down and helped create 36 ideas for show episodes!  Travis does much more than just put your mp3 on iTunes. He guides the direction of your show and keeps you sounding great! I can't recommend him enough."

-Neil Kristianson



"I could not have launched my Legally Enlightened Podcast without the guidance, support and expertise of Travis. He led me through each step of creating a podcast and, most importantly, eased my fears of branching out in this new form of media. Not only did he lend his artistic expertise with creating my podcast logo and setting up the mechanics of the podcast delivery, but he coached and supported me around how to write my description, what topics to cover, how to name each episode, and so much more. He made the process so easy, and he also produces each podcast with professionalism and care. I can't say enough good things about him. I highly recommend working with Travis if you want to bring a podcast to life!"

- Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach & Attorney, lisafraley.com

I highly recommend Travis and Podcast Buddy for your podcast editing. I am a brand new podcaster and hiring Podcast Buddy is the best decision I have made! I have been able to focus on content and connecting with my audience which is what I'm passionate about, while he has taken care of all the time consuming editing to make it sound great. I've gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback on how professional the audio sounds and that is thanks to Podcast Buddy! Working with Travis gave me confidence through the launch and first few episodes- giving me feedback on episodes and scheduling my first episode and writing the show notes! I've even played around with different formats for guests and panels and gameshows and he's worked with it all! If you are looking for someone to edit your audio, don't look any further, you will be happy with your choice to work with Travis! 

- Ashley Uyaguari - Deskfree.org

  • One episode up to 30 min long
  • Show notes (up to 300 words)
  • Publish ready MP3 file
  • Audio Leveling : Host + Guest
  • EQ + Dynamics + Noise Reduction
  • Intro/music added
  • Advertisements added
  • Podcast Mp3 ID3 tagged
  • iTunes + Stitcher submission
  • Embed links for web + social media
  • Technical Support (email/telephone)
  • One episode up to 60 min long
  • Show notes (up to 300 words)
  • Publish ready MP3 file
  • Audio Leveling : Host + Guest
  • EQ + Dynamics + Noise Reduction
  • Intro/music added
  • Advertisements added 
  • Podcast Mp3 ID3 tagged
  • iTunes + Stitcher submission
  • Embed links for web + social media
  • Technical Support (email/telephone)


  • One episode up to 60 min long
  • Show notes (up to 300 words)
  • Publish ready MP3 file
  • Audio Leveling : Host + Guest
  • EQ + Dynamics + Noise Reduction
  • Intro/music added
  • Advertisements added 
  • Podcast Mp3 ID3 tagged
  • iTunes + Stitcher submission
  • Embed links for web + social media
  • Technical Support (email/telephone)
  • M4A Video for YouTube included (Static Image)  

Travis Brown - Chief Podcast Guy - Podcastbuddy@gmail.com 

I'd love to help you launch your podcast! 

If you have questions or would like to schedule an obligation free 30 Minute Consultation, fill out the survey below!

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