5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Start A Podcast Today

Fast company says that “podcasts are the future of media.” More people downloaded Serial than have watched Mad Men, Girls, and Louie. Podcasts are easily consumable and doesn’t require undivided attention like video or text-based content does.

Here are five reasons of why you should start exploring the benefits of podcasting for your business, now:

1. You can have a direct intimate conversation with your audience.

Can you imagine being able to speak directly to your audience and potential customers? Well, its happening right now. Brands are building trust with their listeners and creating relationships that go far beyond anything that blogging can accomplish. Podcasts allow your tribe to be a fly on the wall and learn from you.

2. Stay ahead of your competition

Chances are your competition isn’t podcasting. Including podcasts in your content-marketing strategy can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Give away all the info you can and become a trusted source and wealth of information. Customers will know you are providing value and give you their business first!

3. Podcasts can be anything you want.

Podcasts aren’t just a free one way radio show. Your interview experts, or just converse with a guest who is interesting. You can even turn your blog posts into audio and have evergreen content to promote your brand. Podcasting is a great way to help teach and inspire your audience. 

4. Everyone has a podcast player in their pocket.

Did you know there are more cell phones on planet Earth than people? Most cell phones come preloaded with iTunes. Podcast distribution is already set in place for millions of listeners. 

5.  No one is reading blogs.

Be honest. What was the last blog post you read top to bottom besides your own? Only a small number of readers make it all the way to the end of an article. Most people don’t even scroll. That’s why we make key points in bold. So our readers....or skimmers can get the most of our post. Podcasting is so much more engaging that blog posts.

What’s stopping you? Go get a recorder and start podcasting! It’s a great new content platform for your business. Need help? Contact us and we can get you started.